Ingredients 1 package of egg pasta (best taste) Ham wedge (ask your butcher for cheap) 1 small pot of whole cream 2 eggs Salt pepper Gruyere grated (quantity according to your taste) Cook pasta to the water ,...

Tagliatelle with carbonara


1 package of pasta with eggs (better taste)

Heel ham (ask your butcher it is and it's cheap)

1 small pot of whole fresh cream

2 eggs

Salt pepper

Grated Gruyère (quantity according to your taste)

Cook pasta with water,

'they cook,

Cut the ham in small dice

In a bowl, remove the cream and the eggs and beat with a fork,

Salez ( not too much) pepper

Add the diced ham and grated gruyere,


Drain the pasta e

Then put them in the cooking pot

Pour the egg cream ham mixture

Mix well

Put over low heat just to melt Gruyère,


 Tagliatelle with carbonara
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