Ingredients 5 white eggs 300g icing sugar 100g whole fresh cream about 50g mascarpone if it's more it does not matter ... 1 white chocolate bar Whip the whites into firm snow Add delicately the icing sugar Put in a poached...




5 egg whites

300g icing sugar

100 g whole fresh cream

50 g mascarpone if it's more it does not matter ...

1 tablet white chocolate

Put the whites in firm snow

Delicately add the icing sugar

Put in a pastry bag

And on a silpat, use half of the preparation to me ringues by making circles filled about 5 cm and circle about 3 cm ..

Preheat your oven to 100 • and cook the meringues for 1h30 to 2h

Once let them cool down.

Make a whipped cream with cream and lq mascarpone, sugar if you prefer, I have sugar a little .. it does have to close

Take a big round of meringue, place a big whip of whipped cream and firm, put a small round of meringue by pressing lightly to stick, with a small spatula encompass the entire surface of the meringue, do the same with others./p>

Grate the white chocolate bar with a cheese grater, take each wonderful and roll it into the chocolate chips,


Taste in the 12h otherwise the whipped cream will soak the meringues

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