- shortbread dough enough to prepare a pie shell about 20 cm in diameter 3 bananas 1 briquette of 20 cl of liquid cream (30% of fat mat) 100 ml of milk 8 good c? s sugar powder vanilla sugar vanilla coffee liquor chocolate powder ...

Banoffee tart jamie Oliver

- shortbread pastry what to prepare a pie shell about 20 cm in diameter

3 bananas

1 briquette of 20 cl cream (30% of fat)

100 ml of milk

8 tablespoons of caster sugar

vanilla sugar

coffee liqueur

vanilla powder

chocolate to make chips

Bake the shortcrust pastry, set aside and let cool.

Peel and cut a banana into pieces. To put it in the blender with the milk and to mix it all.

In a peole anti adhesive, put the sugar on bright fire so to prepare a caramel. When the caramel is ready, off the heat add the banana milk mixture, paying attention to any splashes. Put back on low heat and stir everything to obtain a homogeneous mixture.jais some mixing concern, I use my mixer diver to homogenize everything. Attention, we do not taste by soaking fingers! Let it cool down.

Line up the pie shell with the banana caramel.

Cut the remaining 2 bananas into very thin slices and arrange them on the caramel.

Put the liquid cream and the vanilla sugar in whipped cream. Add the coffee liqueur and powdered vanilla to your taste

Generously cover the bananas with whipped cream and decorate with the chips chocolate.

Ingredients 5 white eggs 300g icing sugar 100g whole fresh cream about 50g mascarpone if it's more it does not matter ... 1 white chocolate bar Whip the whites into firm snow Add delicately the icing sugar Put in a poached......

Ingredients (for 10 people): - 280 g to 300 g of sugar -1 packet of vanilla sugar - 450 g of flour 6 eggs -1 packet of yeast -350 g of butter -2 jars of candied fruit -125 g of almonds - 1 glass with rum liquor - not put ... nutmeg -......

recipes simple, fast and according to my mood and my courage ......

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